Film processing, scanning and printing


Black and White Film Processing
We can process, print and scan all types of Black and White 35mm, 120 and Sheet Film from ILFORD, Kodak, Fuji, Foma, Lomo and others, including colour process black and white films such as XP2 Super.

Colour Film Processing

We process all 35mm and 120 C41/CN16 colour negative films and now offer a full printing service.

NB We cannot process films with Remjet Layers or Colour sheet film.

Develop and Print turnaround is normally five working days in the lab and Enlargements five to ten working days. If films are particularly urgent we will do our best to meet your requirements. Please email us to let us know.

Our film processors are strictly controlled and the black and white machines use ILFORD chemistry throughout. Each film is processed with a unique development time to obtain optimum contrast and density. Our C41 Machine uses genuine Fujifilm chemicals.

We offer two levels of quality for scanning your black and white negatives as well as different options for print size, style and surface finish.

Your 35mm 6x4 and 7x5 print sets will be delivered in a presentation ILFORD box with negatives sleeved in sets of 4. Larger prints are delivered in robust envelopes or tubes with protective cellophane wrap and stiffener card to ensure they are well protected.

Our service is available in the UK and throughout Europe.

Some of the benefits we offer;

Unique processing times for all films
Premium packaging, boxed prints and sleeved negatives
Lab corrected high res scans, balanced and inspected, retouched for dust.
Genuine black and white silver prints
ILFORD Paper and chemicals used throughout for Black and white services
UK FREEPOST both ways on develop and print services

Please note; We have changed some of the pricing on our forms recently, notable scanning and return postal charges. Please download the new forms, this will ensure you have the most up-to-date pricing and prevent queries/delays when your order arrives.
Whilst we continue to have free inbound post, and due to several price increases by Royal mail, we have decided to introduce a fixed per order price of £2.95 for return post.

Online Order form - Recommended

Please use this form and pay online where possible, it's much quicker to process at our end and your order will enter the system faster.
Our online order form has all the basic options you need for 35mm and 120 processing, you can pay online and send your films to our freepost address.
No-Printer? Simply make a note of your form reference number and surname and include with your films. We will match these up on their arrival into our lab.

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Mail order - Printable Order forms

For those sending us cheques, these must be made payable to "HARMAN technology Ltd"

If you can't see the options you need on our on-line form then try our printable order forms. Our dedicated printable order forms have more options than the online form, you can print these off and send them with your films and payment.

135 / 35mm 120 / roll Film SHEET FILM REPRINT/ENLARGEMENT


Order Framed prints from Negatives - NEW


We can now produce stunning framed prints from your favourite black and white negatives.
Use the order form below to get started, for more information on this service click here


Useful Information

We can often help with non-standard requests such as printing from old negative archives, unusual formats etc. In these cases we can prepare a custom quotation, please email us for details. Other useful information relating to film services can be found below, we would definitely recommend reading the shipping advice prior to sending your film.

Film FAQ’s  FILM SCANS FAQ  shipping advice  SHIPPING LABELS

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