Black and White and Colour Film Developing, Scanning, Printing

Welcome to HARMAN Lab 

HARMAN Lab offers the finest quality mail order film processing and digital printing services.

We offer both C41 (Colour) and Black and White film processing, with all black and white films being processed in ILFORD Photochemicals with individual development times. 

Our black and white prints are made on genuine Harman GDS Silver halide black and white photographic paper whilst our colour photographic C-Type prints are made on the highest quality Fujifilm DPII Professional colour paper.

We also offer a framing and mounting service using aluminium Nielsen frames.

At HARMAN Lab, we know that there is a huge difference between printing on genuine black and white paper and prints made by other methods. Our prints benefit from rich blacks and excellent contrast whilst retaining subtle details. Prints have consistent and neutral image tone (no colour cast).

Our mail order service is fast and simple and if you’re a digital black and white photographer, your files can be uploaded directly to our servers. We can even accept files direct from your Phone or Tablet. But don’t take our word for it, read some of the testimonials on the site from our many satisfied customers…





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