Framed Black & White Prints

Two Framed Prints


Black Frame Corner

Add the ultimate finish to your favourite black and white photos, with the HARMAN Lab print framing service.

Once we have printed and processed your black and white image we can add the definitive finishing touch with a beautiful aluminium Nielsen frame.
All prints are mounted and matted, and supplied in a choice of Classic gloss black, or contemporary Polished Silver finish frames.

Silver Frame CornerWe have carefully selected mattes with a subtle texture, and a white that compliments the black and white paper base tone.  High quality glass is used in all frames.

To order framed digital black and white prints, please upload your files in the "Black and White Prints from Digital" Section and order selecting one of the framed print options.

We will handle all the resizing and have mattes cut for common aspect ratio's.  If a small amount of crop is required, this will be sympathetic to the image.

You can also have an existing negative or print scanned, printed and framed. Please use the order form "Framed Prints" in the Black and White film section. We will scan, density correct, retouch and print your negatives before mounting and framing.

To see the framing options when you are ordering simply tick the box "Only Show Framed Options" e.g. below.

Select Framing Options

Frame Sizes

In order to keep things simple we offer three sizes, Small, Medium and Large as follows;

Frame Size

Overall Frame Size

Approx Image Size*

Finish Available


Square: 30x30cm (12x12in)
Rectangular: 25x30cm (10x12in)

Square 8.5x8.5in
3:2 Ratio 6x8in

Gloss Black
Polished Silver


Square: 50x50cm (20x20in)
Rectangular: 40x50cm (16x20in)

Square 14.5x14.5in
3:2 Ratio 10x15in

Gloss Black
Polished Silver


Square: 70x70cm (28x28in)
Rectangular: 60x80cm (24x32in)

Square 21.5x21.5in
3:2 Ratio 17x25.5in

Gloss Black
Polished Silver

*Sizes approximated to nearest 1/2 inch, Note actual image size will depend on the aspect ratio of the image.

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